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Classic Example: 5 Reasons To Use Physical Car Keys Than Keyless Entry

Often as technology advances and challenges the status quo, the debate between traditional car keys and keyless entry systems continues to unfold. While keyless entry offers convenience, security, and modern flair, traditional car keys hold their own timeless advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked, most importantly in the security department. Fast Car Locksmith endorses traditional key entry systems and we can list a number of reasons why they are important.


Traditional car keys work, consistently. Unlike electronic systems that might encounter glitches or battery failures, a traditional key guarantees access to your vehicle without relying on intricate technology.

Keyless entry systems come with advanced technology and electronic components that can be costly to repair or replace. Traditional keys, on the other hand, are simple and sturdy, resulting in lower maintenance costs over the lifespan of your vehicle.

As technology advances, so do the methods of cyber threats. Keyless entry systems, being reliant on electronic signals, can be susceptible to hacking attempts. Traditional car keys, being purely mechanical, remain immune to electronic manipulation, providing an added layer of security.

Harsh weather conditions or accidental exposure to water can sometimes affect the functionality of electronic systems. Traditional keys, being mechanical, are more resilient in extreme conditions, ensuring reliable access to your vehicle regardless of the environment.

Fast Car Locksmiths are equipped to deal with mechanical and transponder failures often on the same day. A manufacturer may take several weeks to repair or replace a keyless entry component.

"I returned my keyless car for a mechanical entry car".

In early 2021 I was excited at the prospect of purchasing a new car off the production line in London that had a number of key features relying on advanced technology. Unfortunately, I fell into the sales trap and realised the car was rushed and many parts including the keyless entry had faults including the need for software updates. This prevented the car from turning on. I part-exchanged my keyless car for a traditional mechanical entry car and haven't looked back".

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