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Renault Car Key Repair & Car Fixes

Losing a Renault car key can be a terrible situation for many car owners. Fast Car Locksmiths have been trusted around Surrey and London to replace lost car keys for a number of different models of Renault’s. We can programme car keys with existing Renault car keys as this contains the unique code of the vehicle to turn in the ignition and lock and unlock the vehicle.



Our mobile van is equipped with the specialist tools to remove broken car keys, create keyless programming if your Renault is a recent model or get you into your car if you’ve locked yourself out.

Many modern Renault models come with transponder keys for security. Renault vehicles are equipped with an immobilizer system, an electronic security feature designed to prevent unauthorized starting of the engine. The immobilizer system communicates with the transponder chip in the key.

Car Key Replacement


Our auto locksmith team has the experience to replace car keys with unique programming to your vehicle. Removing the stress of having to go directly to a Renault manufacturer.

Key Duplication

Having a single key is very risky and we highly encourage you to have a second car key
made to avoid the heavy sum of a new car key being made.

Ignition Barrel Repair


Often overlooked, the ignition barrel can get worn over time with excessive use. We have helped customers by repairing ignition barrels to ensure your keys slot in without any pressure or force in the future!

Is Your Renault  Car in Need of Key Repair? We can key repair the following.


  • Renault Clio: A subcompact car known for its compact size, fuel efficiency, and style. The Clio is available in various configurations, including hatchback and estate (wagon) variants.

  • Renault Captur: A compact crossover SUV designed for urban and suburban driving, known for its versatility and customization options.

  • Renault Megane: A compact family car available in hatchback, sedan, coupe, and wagon variants. It offers a range of engine options and features.

  • Renault Scenic: A compact MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) designed for families, offering spacious interiors and practicality.

  • Renault Kadjar: A compact SUV with a focus on style, comfort, and technology, suitable for both city and off-road driving.

  • Renault Talisman: A midsize sedan and estate car known for its elegance and advanced features.

  • Renault Koleos: A midsize SUV offering comfort, space, and various modern features.

  • Renault Twingo: A city car designed for urban mobility, known for its compact size and agility.

  • Renault Zoe: An all-electric compact car designed for eco-friendly driving.

  • Renault Kangoo: A compact van available in passenger and cargo versions, suitable for business and transportation needs.

  • Renault Trafic: A midsize van designed for commercial and cargo transportation purposes.

  • Renault Master: A large van available in various configurations, including cargo and passenger versions, ideal for commercial and business use.


Why Fast Car Locksmith over Renault Manufacturer?

Trusting Fast Car Locksmith for a car key replacement for your Renault is a practical and often cost-effective choice. We are trained and experienced in working with various types of keys and locks, including automotive keys. We have the knowledge and tools required to accurately cut keys that will work seamlessly with your Renault‘s locks and ignition.

Fast Car Locksmith offer mobile services, meaning we can come to your location, whether you’re at home, work, or stranded on the road. This can be especially convenient in situations where you’ve lost your keys or are locked out of your Renault.

Fast Car Locksmith  are typically more affordable than going to a Renault dealership for key replacement. Dealerships may charge higher prices for parts and labour.

About Fast Car Locksmith


Fast Car Locksmith is a leading 24-hour car locksmith in Greater London, Slough, Reading, and Guilford, offering a range of auto locksmith services including car key replacements, car key duplication, car battery repair and transponder programming to help get you back on the road again. You can call Fast Car Locksmith 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will promptly send one of our expert car locksmiths to your location. Whether you need car key programming or need a spare car key, our team is always prepared to help you when you need it the most.

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