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Honda Car Key Repair & Car Fixes

Our team have been reprogramming Honda car keys, replacing damaged keys and helping drivers who have keys lost or stolen. Fast Car Locksmiths have been repairing Honda car keys for many years.

It can be highly stressful when your car key snaps, is lost or you cannot gain access to your personal Audi vehicle. In the majority of cases, these issues do not need to be sent to a Honda dealer, it can be seamlessly fixed by our auto locksmith. Our clients have entrusted us to arrive, often on the same day with our mobile van, which is equipped to deal with thousands of different Honda Car Key types. 

Honda car keys typically contain a transponder chip. This chip is embedded within the key and contains a unique electronic code specific to that key. The transponder chip in a Honda key is programmed to match the vehicle’s immobilizer system or Engine Control Unit (ECU). Many Honda key fobs include remote functions for locking, unlocking, and even starting the vehicle remotely (if equipped with such features). These remote functions add convenience to the ownership experience. Honda models equipped with a keyless entry system often have a push-button start feature. You can start the engine by pressing a button, provided the key fob is inside the vehicle.

Car Key Replacement


Our auto locksmith team has the experience to replace car keys with unique programming to your vehicle. Removing the stress of having to go directly to a Honda manufacturer.

Key Duplication

Having a single key is very risky and we highly encourage you to have a second car key
made to avoid the heavy sum of a new car key being made.

Ignition Barrel Repair


Often overlooked, the ignition barrel can get worn over time with excessive use. We have helped customers by repairing ignition barrels to ensure your keys slot in without any pressure or force in the future!

Is Your Honda Car in Need of Key Repair? We can key repair the following.

  • Honda Fit: A subcompact car known for its efficient use of space and versatility.

  • Honda Civic: A compact car available in various body styles, including sedan, coupe, and hatchback, known for its reliability and fuel efficiency.

  • Honda Accord: A midsize sedan or coupe offering a comfortable ride, advanced technology, and a range of engine options.

  • Honda Insight: A hybrid sedan known for its fuel efficiency and eco-friendly features.

  • Honda Clarity: A lineup of alternative fuel vehicles, including the Clarity Fuel Cell (hydrogen fuel cell), Clarity Electric (electric vehicle), and Clarity Plug-in Hybrid.

  • Honda HR-V: A subcompact crossover SUV known for its compact size and versatility.

  • Honda CR-V: A compact SUV offering spaciousness, safety features, and a comfortable ride.

  • Honda Passport: A midsize SUV with off-road capability and ample cargo space.

  • Honda Pilot: A midsize SUV available with three-row seating and family-friendly features.

  • Honda Odyssey: A minivan known for its spacious and configurable interior, ideal for families.

  • Honda Ridgeline: A midsize pickup truck offering versatility and a unique unibody construction.

  • Honda S2000: A sporty two-seater convertible known for its performance and handling (Note: Production of the S2000 ended in 2009, but it remains a popular choice among enthusiasts).

Why Fast Car Locksmith over Honda Manufacturer?


When all hope is lost, the original manufacturer can be an option for many Honda car owners. However, Fast Car Locksmith have come to the rescue of many complex car key issues with most cases being a quick turnaround. Often wait times can be several weeks just to get an inspection as well as the hefty costs for parts and labour.

Another challenge is how to get your Honda to a dealership when you don’t have a car key, your car key is broken/snapped or you have no ability to drive your vehicle? Getting a dolly is often expensive and can be tricky depending on the surroundings of where your car is left.

About Fast Car Locksmith


Fast Car Locksmith is a leading 24-hour car locksmith in Greater London, Slough, Reading, and Guilford, offering a range of auto locksmith services including car key replacements, car key duplication, car battery repair and transponder programming to help get you back on the road again. You can call Fast Car Locksmith 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will promptly send one of our expert car locksmiths to your location. Whether you need car key programming or need a spare car key, our team is always prepared to help you when you need it the most.

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