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Automative Key Ignition Barrel

What is a Key Ignition Barrel?

Changing a key ignition barrel (also known as an ignition switch or lock cylinder) can be a complex task and requires mechanical knowledge and tools. Fast Car Locksmith can provide automatic support depending on your vehicle’s make and model.

How it Works

  1. Disconnect the Battery:

  2. The initial steps are to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery to prevent any accidental electrical shorts. Remove the Steering Column Covers

Remove the Old Ignition Switch

The next step involves locating the ignition switch on the steering column. There may be a case to remove the steering wheel itself, depending on your vehicle model. This may involve removing the airbag and other components, which can be complex and require specialized tools.

1. We safely disconnect battery, ignition switch and connecting wires.

2. We also manage any securing bolts that hold the ignition switch in place.

Install the New Ignition Switch

1. We insert the new ignition switch in the same orientation as the old one. We can then reconnect securing bolts. 

2. The following step involves reconnecting the wiring harness and connectors to the new switch. 

3. The final step is reassembling the steering column.

Why Trust Fast Car Locksmith with an Ignition Barrel?

Expertise and Experience: We have the necessary expertise and experience to handle automotive lock and ignition systems. Years of experience have allowed us to work on a wide range of vehicles, making Fast Car Locksmith well-equipped to deal with various models and systems.

Our specialized tools and equipment are designed for working on automotive locks and ignition systems. Our team are well-versed in modern vehicle security systems and can work with them while changing an ignition barrel. 

As a trustworthy locksmith, we have a positive reputation in the community. Our positive 5 star reviews, testimonials and recommendations from others who have used us for ignition fixes and changes makes us a trusted source.

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